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Profile Apps: Developing a Game-Changing Online Activity Center

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Team Management Systems (TMS) has an international accredited network of over 20,000 L&D practitioners delivering our products to over 1.5 million learners in 15 languages. Critical to their success is the ability to adapt and evolve L&D content and methods in creative and innovative ways that truly embrace new technologies.

At TMS we facilitate this with the Online Activity Center.

Online Activity Center

Online Activity Center

The Online Activity Center sees a shift from a printed-and-bound Profile feedback product to a customizable, interactive, performance-improvement system. Technology has become a game-changer for our products by shifting them from a commodity to a process.

Enter our new adaptive multi-language e-learning website –, a multimedia personal feedback system with its three e-Profile components, the Team Management Profile (TMP), the Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2™) and the Window on Work Values Profile (WoWV).

The classic Profile feedback reports are still available as a downloadable PDF along with the personal workbooks. But new is the Online Activity Center - a library of Apps, all designed to enhance learning or to give practical advice relevant to key situations at work. In addition EPUB versions of the Profiles allow individuals to interact with their Profile for the first time. This is truly a game-changer - moving from Profile delivery to a system delivery tailored to the end-user.

In building a site that aims to blend the best of learning theory and new technology, it was important that we first set down our design principles as a benchmark for developments. While technology and site developments have evolved, these core principles remain current and form the backbone of all initiatives at

  1. Multimedia & Learning Styles
  2. Learning styles vary greatly. That's why multimedia is essential for learning today – there's something for everybody. makes use of speech, music, videos, stills, graphics, words and 'mouse interaction' to enhance the learner experience.

  3. Accessibility
  4. Our interactive Apps are platform independent and host some great new features and tricks. The focus on accessibility has ensured that the Online Activity Center is PC, Mac and Tablet friendly, with support for all modern browsers, allowing everyone to access these online applications from their favorite devices. In addition, learners have access 24-7, on-the-go.

  5. Personalization
  6. We didn't want a system that was only a general learning site. What we wanted was a site that was truly personalized and tailored to the individual preferences of the learner. A critical design strategy was to build our adaptive system so that it gives feedback based on a respondent's unique Profile scores. This makes the site personal and directly relevant to the participant who owns it.

  7. Flexibility
  8. Flexibility for facilitators is critical and is available in three ways – through activation, timing and delivery. The online Apps can be used during a TMS workshop debrief to provide users with more insights and tips to improve performance in the workplace. Or, they can be used post-workshop to improve learning transfer and to ensure TMS stays on the agenda. Flexibility for learners is equally important and is ensured with 24-7 access, on-the-go.

  9. Coaching and Support
  10. Although most network members will take the time to explain the purpose of any Apps selected, we know that there are times when this doesn't happen. So an important design principle was to include a Video E-Coach for the more complex Apps so that the participants fully understand how to interact with the data and get the best out of it. Where possible, the e-coach video is personalized to end-user scores.

Multimedia feedback systems are no longer the future expectation, they are the market demand and for the industry this 'game-changer' requires continual evolution.

What Apps are available?

Feedback Apps

Coach Me App

Coach Me

The Coach Me App is an assessment that develops a customized individual needs analysis using the TMS Coaching Framework and the respondent’s individual Profile scores. The real-time feedback provided helps identify which parts of the Coaching Framework need attention and to what extent.

Job Characteristics App

Job Characteristics

This is an interactive App that translates the Types of Work into specific job types and professions that might be available to the respondent. For each sector on the Wheel there is a list of possible jobs where the selected work function is critical to success. Also available is audio feedback that describes the behavioral characteristics essential to the successful implementation of the relevant tasks.

Job Match App

Job Match

The Job Match App is an assessment measuring overlap between job demands and the respondent's work preferences, for any specified job. Real-time feedback is customized to each individual and shows how well their preferences align with their critical work functions.

My Team App

My Team

The My Team App allows individuals to rate how well a team is performing on the nine sectors of the Types of Work Wheel. The real-time feedback in this assessment App is personalized to the respondent’s work preference scores and gives advice on the areas where they might best make a valuable contribution.

Pacing App


The Pacing App gives real-time personalized communication advice. Customized tips and hints about how to interact with another person are provided once the respondent assesses that person’s four work preference measures relative to their own.

Project Health Check App

Project Health Check

The Project Health Check App is an assessment used to determine how members rate the team on their levels of determination and persistence, optimism, innovation, potential obstacle analysis and future focus. Real-time feedback is customized to the respondent’s individual scores.

Team Signals App

Team Signals

The Team Signals App is a real-time feedback assessment measuring the development priorities of a team or team project. Using the High-Energy Teams Model as its foundation, this App builds a team development needs analysis.

Values Alignment App

Values Alignment

The Values Alignment App is a feedback assessment that allows respondents to assess the values held by their organization, business unit or team. The data are matched to their personal value type scores through real-time feedback providing key information on values alignment.

E-Book Apps

E-Book  Apps

Core TMS theory and applications information are highlighted through E-Book Apps.

  • Coaching
  • High-Energy Teams
  • Language of Teamwork
  • Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones
  • Values in the Workplace

Interactive Quiz Apps

Interactive Quiz Apps

The Interactive Quiz Apps are designed to test a respondent’s knowledge and consolidate learning points from the TMS theory.

  • Identifying Key Strategic Issues
  • Identifying Linking Skills
  • Identifying Risk-Orientation
  • Identifying Role Preferences
  • Identifying Types of Work
  • Identifying Value Types
  • Identifying Work Preferences

Interactive Research Apps

Interactive Worldwide Norm Apps

The Interactive Worldwide Norm Apps present global research unique to each Profile allowing comparison of scores to over 175 sets of real data covering countries, regions, professions, gender and industries.

  • QO2
  • Team Management Profile
  • Window on Work Values Profile

Video Apps

Video Apps

Case studies, theory and research are brought to life through Video Apps developed exclusively for

  • An Empowering Individual
  • Overview: QO2
  • Overview: TMP
  • Overview: WoWV
  • Research Highlights: QO2
  • Research Highlights: TMP
  • Research Highlights: WoWV
  • The Careful Optimist
  • The Reluctant Engineer

The TMS adaptive, interactive, performance-improvement system is accessed through, and is in a state of continuous development. It resides in the cloud with the advantage of fast and easy access combined with the latest in international privacy and security technology. is designed to be work-focused and practical. This means learners are not just receiving a static feedback Profile report, but have access to an arsenal of online tools that gives them further personalized feedback on improving workplace performance as well as tools to refresh and keep the TMS concepts alive, well after their feedback Profile debrief.

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