Team Management Systems

Public Accreditation Schedule: Australia

Work Preferences

Team Management Profile Public Accreditation

Delivered over two-days, the Team Management Profile (TMP) Accreditation Workshop will provide you with the necessary training to facilitate a TMP debrief or workshop, and with the resources required to build a programme using the TMP. The TMP Accreditation Workshop will also provides an understanding of the underlying TMS framework and learning methodology that supports the TMS Suite of Profiles.

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Workshop Outline


  • Welcome
  • Workshop overview
  • Team Management Systems - The framework
  • Types of Work Wheel
  • RIDO - work preference measures
  • Team Management Wheel
  • Putting TMS into action
  • Applications for individual, team and organizational development
  • Behind the Team Management Wheel - The 16-Fold Model
  • Role preference calculations
  • Learning review and homework


  • Team Management Systems - Learning review
  • Ethics
  • Research and validation - Institute of Team Management Systems
  • Introduction to Linking Skills
  • Pacing
  • Learning review
  • Assessment paper
  • Practitioner applications and case studies
  • Working with TMS
  • Wrap-up
  • Featured Product
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