Team Management Systems

Public Accreditation Schedule: Australia

Work Preferences

Team Management Profile FastTrack Public Accreditation

By attending the Team Management Profile FastTrack Accreditation, you will gain accreditation in the Team Management Profile.

Learner Expectations

As a FastTrack option, this 1-day workshop will move quickly through much of the content.

  • This workshop would be less suitable for learners with little or no experience in group facilitation or using feedback tools. Furthermore, if you are hoping to use the Accreditation Workshop as a forum to explore the theory or application of TMS, the 2-day option might be a preferable option.
  • The FastTrack accreditation would be more appropriate for experienced facilitators, coaches or psychologists who have gained broader group facilitation experience or who have worked with other feedback tools.

Public Workshops:


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Programme Design

Stage 1: Preparation and Pre-work

  • Pre-reading, including personal e-Profile
  • Pre-workshop call with trainer

Stage 2: Workshop

  • Introductions, objectives, pre-work review
  • Team Management Systems - The Framework:
    • Types of Work Wheel
    • RIDO - work preference measures
    • Team Management Wheel
  • Applications for individual, team and organizational development
  • Profile mechanics, ethics & research summary
  • Linking Skills & High-Energy Teams
  • Practitioner applications and case studies
  • Working with TMS & network member resources
  • Wrap-up

Stage 3: Follow-up

  • Practice using complimentary Profiles (1 e-Profile & 1 hardcopy Profile )
  • Post-workshop follow-up call with trainer
  • Access to individualized e-TMP Apps
  • Featured Product
    Games TMS People Play Games TMS People Play