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Window on Work Values Public Accreditation

Window on Work Values

Window on Work Values Public Accreditation

Attend the Window on Work Values Accreditation to gain accreditation in the Window on Work Values Profile and Organizational Values Profile.

This highly interactive one-day workshop will provide you with a process for exploring values at the individual, team and organizational level. The Window on Work Values Profile provides feedback to help individuals understand how their values influence behavior. The Organizational Values Profile allows individuals to rate their perception of the organizations' core value types. Both Profiles can be matched to determine the degree of alignment between personal values and those within the organization.

The workshop is ideal for executive development and coaching, career development, change management, newly formed teams, conflict management, teambuilding and action-planning.

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Workshop Outline

  • Welcome and overview
  • The Workplace Behavior Pyramid
  • Values theory and research
  • Sorting out organizational values
  • The Organizational Values Profile
  • Tour and technical explanation
  • Profile interpretation and case study
  • Personal values - the Window on Work Values Profile
  • Profile interpretation
  • Values match and case study
  • Working with values: Individuals, teams and organizations
  • Working with TMS and next steps
  • Learning review
  • Wrap-up and farewell
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