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Team Management Profile Public Accreditation

By attending the Team Management Profile Accreditation, you will gain accreditation in the Team Management Profile.

This accreditation program is open to all human resource professionals wishing to become qualified to use the Team Management Profile. Successful completion of the program gives automatic membership of the TMS network and allows you to access our bureau and software service.

The program is designed to give you the knowledge, practical experience and long-term support that you need to be able use the Profile confidently and effectively. The event is interactive, ensuring that the learning is linked to real work issues and concrete action plans. You will explore the fundamental issues around how to release individual energy at work and create high-performing work groups and teams of all kinds.

Public Workshops:


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Workshop Outline

  • The concepts and models behind the Profile
    • Origins of the Team Management Profile
    • Research and development with and for managers and their teams
    • The importance of a universal model of work
    • How we approach our work: four fundamental measures
    • The Team Management Wheel: a validated model of effective working
  • Interpreting the Team Management Profile
    • Interpreting your own Profile
    • Exploring different variations and combinations within the Profile
    • Major and related roles
    • Split Wheels
    • How to get the most out of the Profile
    • Putting people together at work
  • Putting theory into practice
    • The need for balanced teams
    • Strategies for effective working
    • Linking Skills
    • Understanding and valuing difference
    • Pacing those who approach the world of work in a different way
    • The critical role of communication
  • Applications
    • Within personal development
    • For different kinds of teams and working alliances
    • To help people understand their career journeys
    • For managers and leaders
    • Within the context of constant change and uncertainty
  • Making sense of the research
    • Understand which research and validity statistics are important
    • Make comparisons with other instruments
    • Ongoing research and how you can ask questions about the database
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