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In-House Training

The accreditation training alternatives at Team Management Systems (TMS) are designed to provide flexible options for all participants.

In addition to public accreditation workshops, e-learning, and webinars the following in-house training options are also available.

  • In-house accreditation for groups
  • 1-on-1 accreditation
  • Customized application training or assistance

Each of these events can be completely customized to meet both your time schedule and development/training needs. This provides a unique learning opportunity and allows you to target specific areas and issues relevant to your organization or team. There is also the opportunity to include more than one of our Team Management Systems instruments within the workshop.

We can also offer the flexibility of working within your busy schedule at your premises or at your local TMS office for 1-on-1 or small groups. Some conditions apply.

Please contact Team Management Systems for further information or to arrange a quote.

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