Team Management Systems

TMS International Websites showcases a series of e-learning solutions for both personal development and accreditation that deliver not just training but a true learning experience through a flexible and integrated media design.

The modules feature online performance support available through E-Coaches, interactive simulations using real-world case studies, games, ROI through evaluations and self-assessments, a personal knowledge center and 12-month review access to module content.

Please note that both the site and e-learning modules are currently in English only.

This website is the home of a comprehensive multi-language system that allows accredited network members to administer profile questionnaires and deliver single-rater Profiles online in up to 8 languages. With a full and interactive administration and reporting system, online Profile processing time of less than 3 minutes, exclusive access to interactive norms, a 365-day Profile review policy, customizable content and corporate branding – this site is an exciting move forward in the TMS product technology-base.

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