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Professional Supervisory Skills (TMP)

What is the cost of having inexperienced supervisors and managers working with your staff? How much do you stand to gain if your supervisors are able to fully optimize the potential of their subordinates instead of de-motivating them with inappropriate "bossing"?

This two-day workshop will introduce the scientifically proven Team Management Profile (TMP) which enables teams to identify their individual and team strengths and areas of potential weakness. Thereby increasing the level of performance, communication, and the desired results essential to the organizational growth and success.

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This workshop will help you overcome many of the supervisory problems a new "boss" may encounter.

Designed for

Professional Supervisory Skills is beneficial for people who are new supervisors or who are interested in a supervisory position, as well as those who are lead hands or part-time supervisors without a great deal of authority.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the scope and nature of the supervisory position
  • Learn some ways to deal with the challenges of the role
  • Recognize the responsibilities you have as a supervisor, to yourself, to your team and to your organization
  • Identify key techniques to help you plan and prioritize effectively
  • Acquire a basic understanding of and develop strategies for leadership, teambuilding, communication, and motivation and what part they play in effective supervision
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