Team Management Systems

Public Workshop Schedule: The Middle East

Team Management Systems

Total Solutions Public Accreditation

Team Management Systems (TMS) Total Solutions Public Accreditation focuses on understanding AND applying the following TMS instruments:

Public Workshops:

This 4-day workshop is comprehensive, challenging and fun. All days will run from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. Participants will leave with a sound conceptual and practical understanding of how the four instruments in the TMS suite can be used to improve performance in their own organizations or in the organizations of the clients they serve. Participants will also know how to access ongoing support so they can make the best use of newly acquired skills.

Emphasis will be put on actual work applications and project design for the use of the single or multiple Profiles. Time is built into the workshop for participants to design their application. In addition, prior to the workshop, participants are required to complete their Team Management Profile, Linking Leader Profile and the Types of Work Profile Questionnaires. At the workshop participants will receive and work through their own Profiles.

As part of the Accreditation process, participants will have the opportunity to explore case studies, discuss the merits of different approaches and exchange ideas with fellow consultants and HR professionals. There will be opportunities to practice giving feedback with fellow participants.

The workshop is designed to ensure that newly accredited facilitators leave with complete confidence in the use of the Profiles. In addition, they will have email and phone support after the workshop to ensure a successful experience for all concerned.


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Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • Introductions
    • Programme overview
    • The accreditation process
  • Building the Models
    • The Margerison-McCann Types of Work Wheel
    • The four work preference measures
    • The Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel
    • Individual Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile
  • Exploring the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile:
    • Review of the Profile
    • The 16-Fold Model
    • Related roles
    • Split Wheels
  • Consolidation exercise
  • Briefing for evening work

Day 2

  • Learning overview
    • Individual and/or group presentations
  • Putting theory into practice
    • Balanced teams
    • Team strategies
    • Linking Skills
    • Pacing strategies
  • Applications:
    • Personal development
    • Career journeys
    • Other as determined by delegate needs
  • The TMS international network

Day 3

  • Introductions
    • Programme overview
    • The accreditation process
  • Team Performance Profile
    • Profile format and structure
    • Case study exercise
    • Working with the Profiles
  • Linking Skills Profiles
    • Linking Skills
    • Profile format and structure
    • Personal Profiles
    • Personal Profile review
    • Case study exercise
    • Working with the Profiles
  • Types of Work Profile
    • Profile format and structure
    • Personal Profiles
    • Case study exercise
    • Working with the Profile
  • Applications summary and review

Day 4

  • Introductions
    • Programme overview
    • The implementation process: Using the Profiles to benefit the client
    • Best practices and case studies in Profile applications
  • Using the Team Management Profile
    • Detailed Profile analysis
    • Preparing for the feedback session with the client
    • Creating a PDP (Personal Development Plan) with the client
  • Applications with multi-rater Profiles: Case studies and examples
    • The Types of Work Profile
    • The Team Performance Profile
    • The Linking Skills Profiles
  • Handling feedback session challenges
    • Denial
    • Resistance
    • Mis-reading
    • Practice with individual counselling sessions
  • Handling the action-planning session
    • Ensuring a value-added experience
    • Facilitating the action plan
    • Documentation and follow-up activities
    • Questions and answers
  • Applications summary and review
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