A.C.E. Training & Consulting

Company Details

A.C.E. Training & Consulting offers customised intensive training programs in the areas of:

  1. Improving Personal Effectiveness
  2. Teamwork and Group Development
  3. Quality Training
  4. Health Enhancement
  5. Organisational Development

Programs Maximise Learning

A.C.E. Training & Consulting programs are designed to maximise adult learning and incorporate recommendations for international best practice in training and development.

Our programs:

  • Result from a detailed review of client needs.
  • Are pitched at the appropriate level.
  • Are linked to the environment from which the audience is drawn.
  • Are designed to use time effectively.
  • Encourage action and peer learning.
  • Involve an active rather than a passive learning system.

Programs are intensive, enjoyable and incorporate traditional teaching methods in conjunction with practical activities, business simulations, role plays, games and discussions. Training programs are customised to ensure relevance to your organisation.

Development of Training Programs

Our programs are prepared according to the following sequence:

  1. Needs assessment: determined through meeting and discussion.
  2. Formulate program objectives: developed to satisfy needs.
  3. Program design: based on objectives, constraints and budget.
  4. Program implementation: learning experience is conducted with suitable techniques and materials.
  5. Program evaluation: learning outcomes and program objectives are evaluated.
  6. Program redesign: program is continuously improved based on evaluation and changing needs assessment.

Programs Can Be Conducted Anywhere

A.C.E. Training & Consulting can deliver a training program or session at your work place or at a venue of your choice. Sessions can be conducted on a regular basis at your workplace or conducted over a number of days off site.

Contact Details

A.C.E. Training & Consulting
7B Jervis Street, Burwood, Victoria 3125

Ph: 613 9889 9795; Fax: 613 9889 9796

E-mail: dcohen@acetraining.com.au

Website: www.acetraining.com.au