Assure Programs Pty Ltd

Personal, Interpersonal and Organisational Effectiveness

Who is Assure Programs?

Assure Programs Pty Ltd is a Corporate Psychological Consultancy specialising in employee assistance programs, conflict management services and team development interventions. Our national head office is located in Brisbane, Queensland. A twelve year track record in the provision of leading organisational consulting has enabled our company to develop innovative and responsive systems that deliver best practice employee development and support services to over 65 000 employees throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What difference can Assure Programs make?

Assure Programs offers tailored interventions across a range of areas that enhance individual and interpersonal effectiveness. These programs are designed to achieve measurable outcomes at individual, team and organisational levels. Additionally, we work with participants to ensure the transfer of new strategies and behaviour back to the workplace.

As psychologists with many years' experience working with employees and managers from a range of public and private sector organisations, we are adept at creating enduring and sustainable outcomes. We specialise in helping individuals and teams develop, grow and work through difficulties such as change, conflict and misalignment of goals.

Contacting us

Greg Dean, our Director of Organisational Consulting has over 11 years' experience in both internal and external consulting roles. As an organisational psychologist, with qualifications in business and psychology, he is well placed to assist you to deliver innovative people management and development solutions. Either Greg or one of our team would be happy to discuss your people development needs with you.

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