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Human Resource Management, Organisational Transformation, and Change Management Consultant
"To know and not to do, is not to know at all."

Today's Leadership Challenge

The leadership challenge for management today is to create the environment and context for people to achieve their creative potential, and thereby improve bottom-line results. Aileen Armstrong regularly assists individuals, teams and team leaders, and organisations to achieve this through the practical implementation of strategies for real transformation.

Aileen is a highly-qualified consultant, with many years of experience in Human Resource Management, Organisational Transformation, and Change Management. Her passion is for performance improvement through personal, team and organisational development strategies.

Basically, she identifies and researches areas of organisational need, and conducts experiential programs to address those needs in an enjoyable environment where people can identify and implement changes.

Aileen's preferred way of working is to ensure positive changes are implemented and continue to be part of the organisational behaviour.


Aileen is licensed to use MAPP™: Managing Actions for People and Performance, and regularly incorporates this system into her programs. When a team or organisation have identified areas they believe will make a positive change, use of the MAPP™ process then ensures the focus will be on those areas, and that a change occurs at the workplace. This means that when the participants return to the workplace, their ideas are converted to action and positive results.

Aileen Armstrong: Areas of Expertise

  • Team Building and Development
  • Leadership, Management and Supervisory Development
  • Training Design
  • Facilitation
  • Training Needs Analyses
  • Personal, Team and Organisational Transformation
  • Coaching

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