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Team Management

At BPS Consulting we hold the view that a team of people who relate well to one another will produce results. Sometimes this can occur naturally, but most often some assistance is required to produce high levels of team performance. There needs to be good understanding and balance between the needs of individuals, the team in which they operate, and the alignment of the team to assist the company to achieve its strategic intent.

Clients prefer to receive this service is in the form of a workshop. The objectives for any workshop need to be agreed with the client and his/her management team prior to the decision to move ahead.

The Team Management Profile

The workshop uses the Australian-developed Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile. The Team Management Profile helps individuals understand what tasks they enjoy most and what motivates them to give their best in the workplace. It provides a common language and framework for individuals and teams to recognise their strengths in the workplace, helping them to achieve higher performance. The Team Management Profile has been used in over 160 countries by leading organisations, and is based on extensive research into successful teams. It is easy to understand and provides practical information presented in a positive way.

Why not give us a call at BPS to discuss in confidence how your team is performing? As a team leader, or a team member, how confident are you that you are getting the best from your team?

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