B-TOPS is a small, woman-owned business founded in October of 1999 to "make a difference" in performance, productivity, effectiveness, leadership and culture by providing a customized approach to diverse organization development concerns.

Mrs. Jan Bearce, founder and sole proprietor, recognized the value in providing organizational development and related work with quality and quantity, on time, and within costs. Mrs. Bearce has been helping organizations implement workplace learning and performance to business strategy for 22 years.

We have built our reputation upon our successful partnerships with clients and loyalty to customers. B-TOPS team members have designed and implemented world-wide training programs and have achieved awards in the areas of team building, strategic partnering, small business programs, hotel training, program management, and mentoring programs.

We add value to diverse organizations by learning about their unique challenges and designing a customized solution. We offer organizational development services and dynamic workshops that engage learners and create sustainable change.

We approach organizational development and team building with one consistent approach; utilizing eclectic methodologies, customized for each client.

We teach organizations how to integrate applications that enable them to fully engage the talent commitment, and energy of team members to improve, innovate, continuously learn, and thrive in an every changing, competitive environment.

We integrate a top down-bottom up approach in all applications to maximize the organization's capabilities. Putting the pieces of the organization puzzle is often complex. We help simplify the process AND capitalize on your most valuable asset - your people.

B-TOPS - Washington, DC - Denver, CO

Phone: 703-644-3958

E-mail: janbearce@aol.com

Web: www.b-tops.org