Trusted Teams Inc. - Chinwe Grace Osuagwu

Chinwe Grace Osuagwu
Founder and CEO at Trusted Teams - Leadership and Team Development Expert
Facilitator | Coach | Consultant

Chinwe Grace Osuagwu is the founder and CEO of Trusted Teams, Inc., a leadership and team development consulting firm. Over the course of her twenty year career, Chinwe has been fascinated with what makes teams work, she is a student of the interpersonal dynamics that foster productive team environments. Chinwe constantly analyzes the challenges facing teams so that she can identify points of contention, remove barriers to communication and ultimately facilitate peak performance.

Over the years, Chinwe's coaching programs have garnered rave reviews from clients and thoroughly transformed teams. But her true gift lies in her ability to inspire and connect with the people she serves. Chinwe masterfully creates a safe environment where her clients can both share and receive honest feedback. She listens to understand, and asks the type of probing questions that require her clients to dig deep. The result is nothing short of transformative.

Through her signature style of facilitation, Chinwe empowers each client to see team encounters in a new light, take ownership and responsibility for their individual role in the team dynamic, and ultimately change the way they communicate, collaborate and connect.

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