Carmel Ross Consulting

Carmel Ross Consulting provides support services to organisations with a strong human service focus. The consultancy is based in Perth (WA), however clients are accepted interstate and in rural WA when appropriate. Carmel is accredited to work with Team Management Profiles and the Window on Work Values, both of which provide useful insights for individuals and teams about how they and their colleagues work.

Carmel works with organisations seeking to develop their managers and supervisors; build team cohesion and performance; improve HR practices; develop mission, vision and value statements; recover after a traumatic experience has occurred in the organisation; and successfully work their way through change and transition. Carmel is also available to facilitate meetings, workshops etc., and can provide assistance in preparing reports, grant applications, etc. For organisations operating in the Christian tradition, Carmel can deliver professional development programmes and retreats based on Christian beliefs and values.

As a small specialist consultancy, your organisation can rely on direct contact with the consultant serving you. Personal, carefully tailored programmes and strategies are the hallmark of our business culture.

Director Carmel Ross is a registered psychologist who has over thirty years of management experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. With a background in education, tourism and other human service industries, Carmel is able to work with organisations seeking to perform at their best and develop their staff – a focus on People and Organisations Working Well™...

Phone: 0408 124404


Address: PO Box 45, Bindoon, WA, 6502