At changeworks our mission is to inspire others to uncover and achieve all that they are capable of being at work, to excel in performance and to deliver. We do this through listening, understanding and developing initiatives that facilitate deep learning and lasting behavioural and attitudinal change.

Our programs are centred on facilitating:

  • Dealing proactively with change facilitating a move to acceptance and self-accountability

  • Self-awareness and self-management through increased emotional intelligence, resilience and optimism

  • Embracing diversity through increased understanding of learning styles, personality type and differing strengths

  • Achievement of clearly defined and agreed strategic outcomes through robust process development and questioning techniques

Principal of Changeworks, Clare Edwards draws on her senior management experience of 10 years in hospitality and 13 years working for global organisations (McGraw Hill, SAP) to fully understand client challenges, expectations and needs in order to deliver interventions that are engaging, challenging and measurable.

Clare has been studying the foundations of Positive Psychology with the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at Penn State University and embeds the principles of resilience, accountability and optimism into all of her programs.

Please contact Clare for an obligation-free exploratory chat:-

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