Emerge Consultants

Emerge's Approach

Emerge Consultants partner with your organisation to facilitate the learning and development of individuals and teams.

We believe that you bring your own talents, experience and skills to the learning process. We create an environment that enables self-awareness and personal growth, where you find the space to express yourself and display your uniqueness.

Emerge offers coaching, facilitation and training workshops. Our readymade and customised programmes aim to help you achieve greater depths of understanding, leading to greater self-assurance.

Emerge's Programmes

We focus on 3 main areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): know yourself, manage your emotions, deal with difficult people
  • Social Intelligence: know others and understand them; connect, communicate, influence
  • Organisational Effectiveness: team assessments and team building using Team Management Systems (TMS), facilitation, training needs analysis

What we stand for

Reflection, authenticity, empowerment and humour. We believe that we can all achieve conviction in what we do in life through tapping into our own wisdom.

Expertise we offer

Emerge Associates are accredited in Team Management Systems (Team Management Profile (TMP) and QO2™) and are members of professional organisations such as ASTD, CIPD.

Recent clients include:

Pfizer, STMicroelectronics, Age Concern, Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, Facilitators Network of Singapore, British Council, Maura Fay Workshops

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Singapore 919191
Office: +65 63465282
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