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Do you have a Team or an Organisation needing to:

  • Achieve better result together?
  • Improve teamwork and organisational performance as a whole?

Eu-Alethea Corporation can help you equip your team, sharpen your focus and execute your most important goals

Our Services:

Teamwork Development Program

We are committed to improve your:

  • Team Communication: to achieve mutual understanding and fruitful dialogue
  • Team Value: to share understanding on each other's values and organisation values
  • Team Goal: to define measurable team goals
  • Team Planning: to create systematic approach to scheduling priorities

Our Approach:

We combine training, workshop and coaching suitable for:

  • Organisations that would like to change for better results
  • SME business owners
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Sales teams

Our Sessions:

We train a group of people based on basic and customised sessions to:

  • Understand individual work preferences (basic session)
  • Understand individual strength (basic session)
  • Develop leadership talents
  • Define team value and value differences
  • Define and create high performance teams
  • Develop a range of strategies
  • Develop action plan

Our Beliefs:

Partnership to develop outstanding teamwork driven by outstanding leadership will be the right process to achieve organisational goals


Jusak Soehardja, SE, MDiv, MBA
We commit to training and coaching business owners and their teams to achieve goals of the organisation

Author: Making the Excellent Team, published by Andi Offset, 2010


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