Enigma Group

By developing skills & awareness, the Enigma Group assists organisations to improve alignment, enabling teams to move in the same direction to improve their results.

Principle consultant; Vincent Van Der Zee, has worked in organisational development for twenty years, across most industry sectors throughout Australia and abroad.

The Team Management Systems suite of instruments has been part of that work since 1997.

Our consultants and facilitators can support you by:

  • Developing cultural change and organisational development strategy
  • Designing and facilitating strategic planning process
  • Resolving conflict and implementing resolutions through skilled mediation
  • Building Teams and Developing Leaders to realise their potential
  • Guiding individuals as they grow through executive coaching

The Enigma Group excel in tailoring and delivering programs that assists participants to make sense of their profile information within the organisations context; they will not only understand what the data says, but also how to apply it at work.

Your 'dedicated' consultant will partner with you to understand your unique situation. Then together; develop a strategy, and implement a process to support your team to work through their challenges. We address the cognitive, psychomotor and affective needs of your team by blending traditional training and innovative, experiential learning simulations.

Our experienced facilitators can respond to situations as they arise to adapt to participant needs on the fly.

Being highly mobile, we can deliver consistent messages to teams no matter where they are.

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