FELIZ Consulting

FELIZ Consulting aims to bring positive change to people and organizations at both professional and personal levels.

Originally from Brazil, Mônica carries with her a unique passion for people. She is a dynamic and committed Consultant. Mônica lived in New York City, prior to moving to Asia. She has been studying, working and living in Asia since 1999.

Mônica is an enthusiastic facilitator in Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Personal and Professional Image and Team Building, among others. Mônica's overall experience includes corporate training and image consultancy, event planning and public relations. Prior to starting FELIZ Consulting in 2009, Mônica worked for a prominent Asian based Training Company as one of their leading trainers. Before that, she was at The University of Hong Kong, organizing and marketing educational projects. Mônica holds a BA with First Honors in International Relations, Politics and Public Administration from The University of Hong Kong. She is an accredited consultant with Team Management Systems (TMS) and a member of the HKICC. She is also a fully certified Image Consultant with TAIC, AICI which are both highly regarded internationally. Mônica assists individuals to improve their overall image. With practical programs on Style and Colour Analysis, among others; Mônica helps her clients feel younger and more confident. She feels very lucky to be in this field, and knows how powerful this work can be in positively changing individual's lives. FELIZ Consulting's belief is that we can all improve, be it personally, professionally and at whatever stage we are in our lives.

To know more about FELIZ Consulting and what they offer, please go to www.felizconsulting.com.