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Need to develop your team?

Individuals within work teams have different information and communications needs. We'll help build that essential understanding of personal differences needed for strong and effective teams.

Need to make some changes?

Changing process is much easier than changing people. We'll help you work out what to do to take your people along with you, rather than having them fight it all the way. We'll also introduce you to the revolutionary 'Solutions Focus' approach to positive change.

Need to sell a message?

Communicating the "what's in it for me" lies at the heart of good communication. We'll help you sort out the value of the offer you are making, then plan simple clear communications to get the message across - whether you are selling a change to your staff, or a product to your customers.

Need to make a project run smoothly?

Failing to plan a project is planning to fail. We'll help you get the project scope sorted and planned. We can also manage the project for you, keeping it on track and on budget.

Graham Nisbet is a Team Management Systems (tms)Master Trainer and has trained over a thousand people in the Team Management Profile. Based in Sydney, Australia, Graham has done assignments throughout the region and was the first to use the Team Management Profile in Korea. (see TMS Case Studies Case Studies Collection).