HummingByrd: Developing entrepreneurial, culturally adaptable global people.

"We combine extensive experience of global business plus in-depth knowledge of training methodologies to produce dynamic highly effective human development programs"

What We Do:

- Human Development
HummingByrd is in the business of developing people to do better; whether that is through one of our short programmes such as High Impact Presentation Skills or on the other end of the time spectrum, through an extended coaching programme covering one year or longer.

- Consulting
We like to consult with our clients for one simple reason: Effectiveness. In the duel between "Effectiveness" and "Efficiency", Effectiveness comes first. There is no point being efficient at doing the wrong thing. There is no point in training your sales force to give killer sales presentations, if the real problem is poor negotiation skills with the buyer after the presentation. Being effective means doing the right thing in the right way. At HummingByrd, we understand business. We think business, and we are in the business of developing your people to execute your strategy in the most effective way, and we work collaboratively with you to do things effectively first, efficiently second.

- Coaching
HummingByrd offers professional coaching of the highest quality. Okay, we know "Coaching" has a certain buzz these days, but coaching has always meant only one thing to us - the systematic improvement in performance through highly customised interaction with an experienced business coach. HummingByrd empowers clients to find creative and workable solutions.