ICTN (The International Consulting and Training Network)

Beirut, LEBANON: Tel/Fax : +961.9.217318/19/23
Amman, JORDAN: Tel/Fax : + 962.6.5543421
Dubai, UAE: Tel/Fax: + 971.4.3458611, + 971.50.5751951
New York, USA: Tel/Fax : +1.631.7664039

web: www.ictn.com

e-mail: info@ictn.com

Founded in 1993 by Fay Niewadomski, ICTN (The International Consulting and Training Network), is an independent Lebanese-based consulting and training organization with offices in Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan), Dubai (UAE) and in New York (USA). ICTN helps clients become more profitable by developing both their people and their systems using cost-effective, internationally-recognized methods and technologies. Our international partners are Team Management Systems, Anthony Robbins Seminars (Med-Western Life Styles), QPR (Helsinki-Finland), The Termes Partnership (UK) and Brentfield Consultancy (UK).

ICTN has achieved a reputation for delivering thorough and holistic solutions as both 'change masters' and developers of human potential, specializing in the selection, development and building of high-performance workforces/teams and implementing cultural transformation. We have been successfully operating in over 10 countries within the Middle East and Africa which ensures a solid understanding of the specific challenges organizations face within this unique business environment.

The founder, Fay Niewiadomski, left a distinguished academic career during which she held a deanship as well as other key academic and administrative positions to establish ICTN. Her areas of expertise are change management and communication. Fay has over 30 years of experience in management consulting and training. She is currently a consultant to some of the largest multinational and regional blue-chip companies in the region. She has also consulted for the United Nations and national government ministries. Fay holds the distinction of being a member of both the Who's Who of Professionals and the Who’s Who of the World; is fully accredited in all Team Management Systems (TMS) tools; and is a TMS Master Facilitator.