Inspirability Pty Ltd

Inspirability is a Melbourne-based human resources and organisational development consulting organisation specialising in the development and implementation of programs aimed at capturing the potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

Our services include a range of contemporary practices in individual and team effectiveness, leadership development, feedback, coaching, and performance management to cater for the needs of individuals, teams, and organisations. We can provide packaged or tailor-made services depending on your requirements.

Our expertise includes developing programs and processes for:

  • Team Planning and Team Review Facilitation

  • Job Analysis and Profiling

  • Learning and Development Programs

  • Recruitment and Selection Processes

  • Performance Management Interventions

Working as part of a team has its own unique set of challenges. Each team member may have different motivations, aspirations, and expectations of their role, and display particular strengths in certain areas. We are able to design team-based collaborative workshops, events, or interventions based on the Team Management Profile from Team Management Systems (TMS aimed at meeting your team's objectives.

For more information please contact Malcolm Pascoe at:


PO Box 29, Fairfield Vic 3078



Mobile: 0413 939 141