Indigo Skye Transformation

"Why does organizational transformation fail so often?" asks the CEO at reflecting upon the poor return on investment?

"How can I deal better with personal change?" asks the employee who will be transferred to the next city for the third time, all as part of a rightsizing exercise driven by the latest best practice business school improvement initiative.

"Why is my team so dysfunctional?" asks the line manager who struggles with toxic non-performing teams.

"Why can I not change?" asks the husband who stares in disbelief at the summons for a divorce.

"Was this now it?" asks the retired CEO upon reflecting on the lingering emptiness despite the lifelong investment in affluence, lifestyle and success.

"What shall I do with my life?" asks the student who has no idea what direction to take after the schooling years.

Do questions like this echo in the hallways of your mind, whether you are a CEO, home executive, husband, ordinary person or student about to embark on your biggest life adventure?

Indigo Skye Transformation, born on the cold and hostile high summits of the Himalaya, offers you a value proposition linking strategy and systemic intervention with genuine self-discovery and self-development. We confront these challenging questions from a place of purpose, values, our common humanity and the possibility that you are. We co-journey with our clients, using a dialogic approach rooted in our deep belief about unconditional human dignity and worthiness. We are possibility practitioners.

Are you up to this provocative adventure?