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Team Management Systems and Organisational Performance

Develop Your Team to Perform!

Team Management Systems (TMS) is an excellent means of understanding the reasons why we do some things well and neglect others. However, in realising this, team members will only continue to be motivated if they achieve better performance that is visible to themselves and to the organisation for which they work.

John Buggy and Associates has developed a methodology which links TMS with organisational performance management and measurement. Now your company can not only experience the growth in individual performance, but gain "bottom line" results as well. Link yourself with the experience of the Best Practice companies and gain measurable results from the time and effort in developing your team.

Or better still . . .

Take advantage of another unique team development experience!

In partnership with Club Sail, John Buggy and Associates has developed team development programs based on the experience of sailing.

Imagine your team on a luxury yacht on magnificent Pittwater, just north of Sydney, where we combine the thrill of learning to sail as a team with the skills necessary to perform in a similar way in the work place. The experiential learning that embeds the techniques and the skills gained is the main feature of effective adult learning.

In contrast with some other experiential programs (e.g. abseiling, white water rafting), which tend to highlight the overcoming of individual fears, sailing is a truly team enhancing experience. As teams develop processes which make the boat perform, immediate applications are made to achieving higher measurable performance in the work place.

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