Learning Investments Group

Coupling the TMP with project management and teamwork.

Introduced to the Team Management Profile (TMP) in 1997, and accredited by Team Management Systems (TMS) in 1999, Terry Southwell has used the TMP in workshops in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

Terry heads up the Learning Investments Group which operates on the principal that "learning is earning with an 'L' Plate". That is you are not earning unless you are learning and visa versa, you are not learning unless you are earning. Nothing is more apparent to the relationship between learning and earning than the TMP in project related work.

Project Management Workshop (3 Days)
Project Mobilisation workshop (1 Day)
Teamwork Debrief workshop (½ Day)

10+ Years in Project Management & Consultancy
Australia & Asia Pacific Delivery

Customisable Workshops to Meet Specific Needs
Workshop Inclusive of Follow-Up Support

The Learning Investments Group focuses on learning and development around project related training, change management, process mapping, and organisational design. The specific areas where Learning Investments Group has successfully used the TMP include:

Internal v External Consulting
Team Conflict Management
Project Start Up and Mobilisation
Teamwork for IT Professionals
Consultancy and Teamwork
Teamwork & Training Reviews

Through a broad spectrum of experience, Terry has come to fully appreciate the critical role teamwork plays in the success of any project. For more information on the workshop outlines and the range of teamwork consultancy services please email Terry on: southwellcome@bigpond.com

A good player can win any game.
A good team can win every game.


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Learning is earning with an 'L' plate.