MindLife Success

Singapore - Malaysia

Our Website: www.mindlifesuccess.com

Our Vision & Mission:

Equipping lives for success through
Educating minds
Exploring potential
Exchanging insights
Expanding horizons

What we do:

At MindLife Success, we want to enrich each individual along our life-long journey of finding and fulfilling our place and purpose in this world. We will share discoveries of who we are and who we can be. We will celebrate triumphs, big and small, and cherish the greatest victory of all - the gift of life. We will shift perspectives of common prescriptions to reveal new and greater paradigms of success.

How we do this:

MindLife Success offers customised training solutions aligned with our synergies of Thinking, Creativity, Character and Leadership.

Success solutions:

It is because we believe that each individual is unique that we seek out a wide repertoire of tested frameworks and working models in our commitment to finding the best success solutions for your needs. Our trainers draw upon a range of frameworks and tools when designing the ideal programme for your learning needs including:

Contact details

Mr. Ling Hua Loon
E-mail: hualoon@mindlifesuccess.com
Tel: (65) 9656 7924