Carol Haslam

Carol Haslam of Nandina Services has a long background in the business sector, with experience in coaching, mentoring and facilitation of workshops in all aspects of business planning, team-building, innovative and critical thinking and in strategy using Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Accreditation as a facilitator of Team Management Systems (TMS) Profiles has consolidated a broad knowledge of TMS Profiles which have been used as a core part of the SA Enterprise Workshop for over 20 years.

Carol has facilitated forums of CEO's and Senior Executives in TEC (The Executive Connection) and FBA (Family Business Australia) as well as directing and managing workshops for entrepreneurs.

Nandina Services focuses on facilitating workshops in the key areas which will impact on your business:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation and critical thinking
  • Building high-performing teams using Team Management Systems

For further information email or phone 0408 358 448.