Operation Explore Inc

Primary Focus:

Leadership Development, Team Development & Organizational Development. Our goal is to better companies by exploring the human potential, enabling and aligning the human side of the business.

Focus Areas:

  • Relationships Building/Community Building
  • Skills Building
  • Team Development & Organizational Alignment
  • Leadership Development

What our Clients are asking for:

Strategic Planning, Team Development, Leadership Development, Accelerated Action Planning, Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Change Management, Strategy, Innovation, Engagement, Energy, Alignment, Communication, Feedback, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Presence, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Influence, High Performance Teams, Values Alignment Emotional Intelligence, High Potential Development ...

Methodology - our 3-tiered methodology:

  1. Assessment - here is where we start, we collect information about the leader, team or organization to expose challenges. To reveal the potential. This provides us with a roadmap to the future. This includes needs-assessments, personality/behavioral assessments, organizational culture assessments, work preference assessments, ...
  2. Learning Modules - this is where we boil down the learning into precise modules and tangible tools that are immediately applicable examples - include: our group problem solving model, our innovation process, leadership levels of awareness, ...
  3. Learning Labs - here is where you apply the learning so that individuals and teams can learn new tools and techniques and hone skills. Our goal is to shift mindsets, perspectives, create alignment, focus and energy. The ultimate goals is to stir curiosity about - people, skills, performance, strategy, self ... while igniting the fire the passion within.

Our network of people:

We work with the most skilled people in the industry to meet the everchanging needs of my clients.


Leadership Development, Team Development, Culture Change, Planning & Alignment Facilitation, Experiential Learning - bringing learning to life, etc.

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