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Since 1995 Outdoor Insights has specialised in designing and delivering customised and highly effective team building, team skills training and leadership development programs using the Team Management Systems (TMS) suite of instruments. We are especially experienced with using the Window on Work Values and the Team Management Profile.

Our Advantage:

We use a blended learning approach, which includes indoor theoretical sessions, stories, models and outdoor experiential activities, that creates greater understanding than just a theoretical session on it own. We specialise in bringing the TMS theory to life and creating a powerful learning environment that makes a significant difference to the work place.

Our participants leave the program having tested and experimented with the theory and combined with a fun approach to learning, that guarantee our programs meet the requested objectives.

Track Record:

Outdoor Insights Managing Director- Bob Killip is a Master Trainer and a member of the TMS "Umbrella Group". Membership of this group has been restricted to only three training consultants in NSW.

Outdoor Insights has a 'track record' of successfully using the TMS tools as part of a team and staff development program. Recent clients have included: Dept of Defence, Pharmacy Guild, Australian Correctional Management, and Dept of Finance.

In addition, using the TMS tools Bob has facilitated the team building on four Himalayan mountaineering expeditions to 8000m+ peaks, including the successful 2001 Australian Army Alpine Expedition to climb Mount Everest.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Outdoor Insights is a fully mobile training organisation, providing our clients with the choice of venue to suit their unique needs, whatever the season and budget.

Outdoor Insights does not run 'off the shelf' programs, preferring to design and customise each program after clear identification of our clients' training needs.

For further information, please follow the link to our website: www.outdoorinsights.com.au

Or contact us: sales@outdoorinsights.com.au or phone: 1800 813351