People Dynamics Consultancy

People Dynamics Consultancy is a Western Australian Company since 1997, with vast experience in Australia and abroad. We enhance organisational and individual effectiveness, productivity and work adjustment through people. At People Dynamics we follow a practical and logical process to understand the complex inter- relationships that occur within the cultural and work context, in order to improve organisational effectiveness, job involvement, job commitment and individual wellbeing.

Do you have the leadership talent you need:

  • To execute new strategies
  • Beat the competition
  • Win investors' confidence
  • Attract and retain key talent?

Does your organisation have what it takes:

  • To make needed changes quickly
  • Create deep loyalty among customers
  • Leverage its human capital?

Are your people ready:

  • To successfully address the challenges they're facing
  • To take on new roles
  • To advance in their careers?

To satisfy these or other HR related problems, our consultants demonstrate expertise in:

  • Organisational culture and core values change
  • Organisational and People Development
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Team interaction
  • Cultural adaptation and Expatriates Coaching

Dr. Maretha Cronje (MAPS, AIMM) is the Principle Consultant and has over 16 years experience in various industry sectors as People and Organisational Development consultant. Her strengths are within varied organisational and human resource development, assessment, training, executive coaching and culture change management fields. Maretha is an experienced facilitator, developer and change agent working with both companies and individuals. Maretha holds a Doctorate of Commerce degree and is registered as a Specialist Organisational Psychologist with the Psychologist Board of Western Australia. She is also a Committee member of the Australian Psychological Society, Member of the College of Organisational Psychologists and a Member of the Australian Institute of Management. She is an accredited user of the Team Management Systems (TMS) tools.

Contact us at:

People Dynamics Consultancy
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P.O. Box 617, Joondalup, 6919

Tel and Fax:(08) 9401 7488; Mobile: 0402 622 580



By advising, guiding and assisting clients to realise their potential through workable strategies, People Dynamics puts in place action plans that lead to valued outcomes.