QL Management Consultants


Known as "the culture architects", we have developed a proven formula for helping businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors. Our Cultural Blueprint™ is a customised, systematic approach to developing a positive organisational culture. We achieve this by building people capabilities and aligning behaviours with the business Values, Vision and Brand identity. We also monitor and track change and business performance against business metrics, to prove a Return on Investment (ROI).

We use the TMS suite of Profiling tools to determine teams' readiness for change, to review their composition and strengths, and to develop strategies to support the achievement of team goals.

Our model for developing high performance teams is a key component of building a strong adaptive culture that creates a competitive advantage in a climate where:

  • Attraction and retention of talented people;
  • Increased profits and shareholder value;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased motivation, loyalty and engagement is what every business is looking to achieve.

QL Management Consultants partner with our clients to ensure that the above outcomes are achieved and sustained through the application of well researched approaches, methodologies and tools.

Email: info@qlmanagementconsultants.com.au