Red Berry Leadership Development

Hi, I am Anne-Marijke, I am the founder, principal coach and facilitator of Red Berry Leadership Development. I have spent my entire career developing leaders and potential leaders in various industries across a few continents.

I started Red Berry Leadership Development to be able to assist organisations and individuals to view their leadership from a more holistic perspective, going beyond leadership skills and develop themselves towards a healthy way of being a leader. My passion is to help people to find the courage and develop the skill to change their lives fundamentally by making small, but key, changes.

Today's world challenges the leader in us more than ever before. My programs help individuals and organisations to develop what I call 'anti-oxidants' of leadership: those skills and strategies that help minimise the damage challenges do and help you to be 'healthy' in every aspect of your life. Together we will discover the power of taking small steps that result in big changes. Some of the tools we can use to help are the Team Management Profile; The Leadership Circle™ Profile; and Genos International emotional intelligence assessments.

If you think we could be a good fit, I'd love to hear from you.


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