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360 Facilitated™ (Upward Feedback®) linked to Mega Planning and the Customer

360 Facilitated™ and the 360 Leader/Manager Profile are Endorsed by the Australian Quality Council.

Mega Planning offers ways to begin or to maintain real and sustainable growth. Leaderskill facilitates organisational growth by first planning and measuring the contribution to external stakeholders (societal and evironmental), aligning Values, People and Systems, and creating a Balanced Score Card Plus.

360 Facilitated™ (formerly Upward Feedback®) separates learning (improvement) from judging (appraisal). It helps managers learn from those they lead. Easily accepted, it avoids "appraisal defensiveness" and instead uses a unique facilitated process of joint manager-team improvement - based on decades of research and experience. In Australia, New Zealand and beyond, it is being implemented in organisations ranging from financial services to manufacturing, both private and public sector.

360 Facilitatedbuilds teams and changes culture. Its immediate result is openness. It powers the learning organisation by moving information and ideas from wherever they may be to where they're most wanted. The model meshes effectively with the Team Management Profile (TMP) and related Team Management Systems (TMS) instruments. For details see: www.360facilitated.com.au.

The Leader/Manager Profile is available for MBA, coaching or manager development workshops.

Customer Focus keeps your finger on the customer's pulse - and makes it felt throughout your organisation.

Training and Learning programs include the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving. For more information and other courses please check: www.leaderskill.com.au.

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In more than two decades of innovation in Australia, we have pioneered the application of Accelerative Learning and NLP in every area of consulting and training. Today, the Leaderskill Group offers integrated expertise to our clients in the process of transformation and growth. Clients are in both public and private sectors in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

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