Rosemary Wealthy & Associates Pty Ltd

Rosemary Wealthy is an experienced consultant who worked in the public and private sectors before establishing her own business.

As a qualified psychologist and HR professional, Rosemary can assist your organization to achieve its performance objectives, by providing customized solutions to your needs.


Rosemary specializes in building high - performing teams using the A4 approach.

  • Assessment
  • Awareness
  • Analysis
  • Action

Teams use TMS instruments to understand their team role preferences, and then leverage their diversity to enhance performance outcomes. Whether your team is newly formed or just needing to improve its performance, the A4 approach helps you achieve your goals.

Other Services

Personal Profiling for Managers

"Personal Profiling " provides managers with valuable data about themselves, which enables them to lead and manage others more effectively - and that means improved performance outcomes!

Personal Profiling increases managers' understanding of

  • their own strengths, development needs and behavioural style
  • the behavioural styles of others
  • how to influence others more effectively

Personal Profiling uses a range of Team Management Systems (TMS) and other assessment instruments and includes 360 degree feedback, analysis of behavioural styles and team role preferences.

Executive Coaching

Managers' "real-time" needs are addressed immediately through individual tailored sessions, which help them to find better solutions to workplace problems. Coaching directly supports the achievement of the manager's performance objectives, and provides ongoing, specific behavioural feedback.

Coaching uses an Action Learning Model and is very effective in bringing about sustainable behaviour change.

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