Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing

What Skills In Business (SkillBiz) offers:

  • Corporate Training - Supervisor to Senior Manager training delivered on site or off site

  • Teamwork - within or across teams and divisions

  • Career Development - individual and group career support

  • Negotiation - accredited to facilitate the ENS Network programs

How SkillBiz can satisfy your search:

SkillBiz is an ideal partner for multinational corporations who need delivery that crosses cultural boundaries, with the depth and flexibility to cover a broad range of content.

How do you deliver the one program across Asia?
How do you bring to Australian business a broader awareness than just our own culture?
How much simpler is it to manage one experienced and qualified consultancy (rather than many)?

Client base:

SkillBiz operates in Australia, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Sth Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India, as well as facilitating benchmarking tours of Asian managers to Australia.

Overall, SkillBiz experience covers Welfare, Banking, Insurance, Industrial and Retail business sectors.

Recent clients include Bristol Myers Squibb (Shanghai), Honeywell (China & SE Asia), Shanghai Transportation Bureau, NSW RailCorp, Atos Origin, Universal Press, Qantas, and QBE.

Accreditations to Expertise:

Tony Monaghan has 15 years corporate experience, is a registered psychologist, with accreditations:

  • Team Management Systems (TMS),
  • Cert. IV Workplace Training and Assessment,
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®),
  • Profilor 360 feedback tool,
  • DiSC®,
  • Blessing & White Careers (Success Connection),
  • Targeted Selection Interviewing (DDI).
  • Member of Australia China Business Council and Australian Psychological Society.


Tony Monaghan - 61 (0) 412 994 718

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