SkillCity Dubai [Asian answers... to Asian questions] is a new-generation learning and coaching firm, providing answers to complex leadership and management issues facing the Asian [and African] leaders. Whether you are an MNC with large Asian workforce or an Asian start-up with ambitions to go global, we've got something for you.

Using up-to-the-minute research and best practice available, our trained, experienced and world-class coaches and facilitators bring you the insights, perspectives, tools and intuition you need to make your managers and organisations achieve world-class performance and become a truly global player.

From a wide-ranging menu of the learning programmes, both open and customised, to executive coaching (with or without the Team Management Profile (TMP)) to training resources usable anywhere anytime, there's something suited just right to your particular needs.

Being a green firm, we are aiming to do 75% of our pre-work business through the internet, so we all use fewer amounts of paper, lesser boardroom space and fewer flights (not to mention that you save money which you can put back to where it belongs: your people development).

Wali Zahid, the CEO of SkillCity, is an international consultant, speaker, leadership trainer and executive coach. He has spoken to audiences in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.

Wali has trained thousands of managers and business leaders in the past 15 years from most Fortune-500 companies. His branded workshops include 'Leadership for CEOs', 'Women in Leadership', 'Leadership Readiness', 'Leadership Derailments' and 'Train The Trainer'.

Wali's most recent employer has been British Council, Pakistan where he worked as Country Director of its Management Development Services during 2001-2008.