True North Learning

True North Learning and True North Team Building works with organisations and businesses of varied sizes and across a range of industries. We're passionate about working with business people in ways that impact how they think, feel, behave and communicate in order to build more viable, sustainable, creative and profitable organisations.

Our services encompass development, learning and team experiences with teams and leaders. They include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building Programs
  • Conflict Management
  • Conference and Seminar Workshops
  • Speaking
  • Facilitation and Consulting
  • Modular Learning and Development

Built on Experiential and Action Learning Principles our interactive activities can be pure team building fun and entertainment or developmentally structured so that they offer new insights and build awareness. They are designed to engage learners and participants within their unique styles and contexts. The focus can be anything from leadership to communication, shared goals, purpose and vision, understanding each other, managing conflict, trust, support, cross team collaboration and many other essential ingredients that make teams and leaders tick.

True North Learning (incorporating True North Team Building) operates around Australia and internationally.

For more information feel free to contact or visit us at:



T: 1300 433 112