Traction Teambuilding

Traction Teambuilding creates high performance teams for high performance organisations. We are passionate about and believe that more effective and longer lasting learning and behavioural change occurs through experiential learning, i.e. activity based learning or learning by doing.

We design and deliver high quality teambuilding workshops that are challenging and fun but most importantly engage participants in a powerful learning environment that creates high levels of awareness that facilitates behavioural change. Our workshops deliver instant feedback to participants on the impact of their behaviours on team performance. This learning environment ensures that participants maximise their learning and development and therefore your return on investment.

As a Team Management Systems (TMS) accredited organisation, the integration of the TMS Profiling tools into our experiential workshops allows us to significantly enhance participant learning and development by 'playing out' their work preferences and identifying and understanding the effect on achieving successful organisational outcomes.

Our workshops range from initiative and problem solving scenarios right through to adventurous high ropes and rock climbing activities!

So if your team is need of some traction and would like to experience an effective and engaging learning experience to reinforce your team’s work preferences and move toward higher performance, contact us.

To find out how we can help your team, contact:

Tom Trewartha



Ph 0422 493 635