Teamworks Australia


Our Philosophy

"A company that follows a strategy of continual improvement in all aspects of its performance will surely be a successful and profitable business."

We believe that a strategy of continual improvement can only be effectively implemented by involving all the people who will play a part in the business process. The most effective means of achieving people involvement is through a team based structure.

The Value We Add to Your Organisation

We provide training and hands on facilitation at all levels of the organisation from senior management to shop floor and office workers. We specialise in working with the group that can make or break your improvement effort – the first line Supervisors and Team Leaders.

We work with you to achieve your goals for business performance.

We provide an expert resource as and when required.

We can show you how to:

  • Build effective teams and recover "lost" teams
  • Develop leadership skills throughout the organisation
  • Make continual improvement part of everyday working life
  • Manage change in your organisation

Our Track Record

We have an extensive list of clients drawn from both the private and public sectors. Teamworks Australia Director, Norm Thursby has 14 years experience in training and consulting and comes from a background of management in manufacturing industry.

Norm has AusIndustry accreditations in Quality Management, Human Resources, Business Planning and Operational Improvement.

Norm is a Master Trainer for Team Management Systems (TMS). He uses a variety of action learning and interactive techniques to create the optimum learning experience.

You can contact Norm Thursby on:



phone: 07 3201 0261 fax: 07 3201 1755