Wheaton Consulting

After a successful career in the Public Sector, Sandra founded Wheaton Consulting in 1993. Sandra's clients include heads of government departments through to small business owners and individuals.

Sandra has worked with Executive Coaching for clients at SES and EL level, and provided team building workshops in a number of government departments including; AusAid, Departments of Defence, Treasury, Veterans' Affairs, Centrelink, DOTARS, FACs, HIC, Office of Small Business, ACT Bureau of Sport and Recreation, Chief Minister's Office, Australian Sports Commission, Queensland Institute of Technology, Victorian Department of Health, CSIRO, Australian Sports Commission, Australian Communications Authority, DEST, DEWR, DIMA, DAFF, Centrelink and Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Previously a senior manager in the public sector, Sandra has held both line and staff positions culminating in a number of years as an SES manager in the utilities and then Health sectors.

Sandra's academic background is via education - a Master's degree in education and self-directed learning. She has been accredited in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment since 1986, is also an NLP practitioner, and has been accredited in the Team Management Profile (TMP) and the Types of Work Profile (TWP) since 1994.

Sandra has extensive experience in working and managing cross culturally. She has coached in Africa, America and Australia: She has worked in the area of leadership in the public and Not for Profit sector since 1980.

Sandra is currently a lecturer in "Managing Programmes for Health and Wellbeing", "Improving Team Effectiveness", "Project Management" at CIT and in "Managing Organisational Change" at Charles Sturt University.

For further information, please visit www.wheaton.net.au.