Why Should Teams and Organizations Invest in Relationship Systems Training?

There is considerable research that identifies a positive work environment as a prerequisite for sustained productivity and employee retention (Buckingham 2001, Goleman 2002). Coaching increases positivity through working from possibilities and practical application. Relationship Systems Coaching powerfully leverages the creative and problem solving capacity of a team or organization as a whole. Some of the benefits of relationship systems coaching for teams and organizations include:

  • Sustainable improvements to relationships and communication on a system-wide basis.
  • The development of a powerful sense of team spirit which enhances organizational climate, productivity and retention.
  • Improved inter-departmental cooperation through the reduction of "silos".
  • The development of constructive conflict skills, leading to more rapid resolution and productive outcomes.
  • Increased positivity within the work environment, which supports sustainable productivity.
  • The capacity to increase the creative potential of the organization or team.
"Teams rely on intense, collaborative work to accomplish a specific goal or task that could not be accomplished as well by an individual or a work group. An effective team increases the productivity, satisfaction, and growth of each of its team members, the team itself, and the rest of the organization."
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