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Creating Development and Learning Solutions

Daring. Different. Refreshing. Above all, ready to help you create a unique approach to training and development.

We are dedicated to providing a range of sharp, creative learning solutions that work. It's that simple. We offer:

  • TMS based Team Dynamics Workshops

  • Creative and Strategic Thinking Workshops

  • Resilience and Wellbeing Workshops

  • Inspiring Facilitation

  • Tailor-made Training and Development Programmes

Zest Learning 'Team Dynamics' workshops refresh and invigorate your team processes and relationships. Un-peel the hidden layers of talent, diversity and communication styles at play within the unique dynamic of your team.

Let us help you achieve increased team performance, motivation and collaboration. Understanding the different personalities in a team creates a taste for all sorts of useful information. For example,

  • What is important to people?
  • How do people react under stress or during change
  • How do they prefer to act and work?
  • Why are some people's decision-making processes so different?
  • How are they likely to be seen by customers?

Using credible profiling tools, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment or the Team Management Profile we deliver a potent blend of interactive team exercises, empirical evidence, case studies and practical goal setting tools to embed and sustain a tangible, positive change to your team culture.

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Creative Juice™ Workshops
Team Dynamics Profiling
Leadership Learning Bites
Course Design and Development
Building Resilience
Sharp Facilitation

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