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Learning Exchange: New Update

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The latest update to the Learning Exchange Members Area was posted on October 06, 2015 and includes...

New Learning Exchange E-Journal:

Edition 104 has just been released in the Learning Exchange. This edition is all about strategy and performance from both an individual and organizational level with take-aways for all.

Feature article contributors are Theresa-Maria Napa, Tom Peters, Dick McCann, and Dennis Sommer.

Learning Exchange E-Journal

Theresa-Maria Napa starts the edition with inspiration and an action/question list to show how we can each 'lean into the extraordinary'; Tom Peters puts the focus on strategy and culture and provides a video for those wanting to pursue organizational excellence; Dick McCann highlights the importance of Agile L&D and how TMS is meeting this challenge; and Dennis Sommer details the key factors for building a solid, sustainable and high-performing team.

Online Case Studies:

Tom Gibbons

The fourth of our bi-monthly case studies for 2015 is My Team and Pacing in One Day Offsite by Tom Gibbons.

In this case study Tom takes us inside the design and set-up for a one day offsite event that incorporated interactive App content and Team Management Profile (TMP) HUB.

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Games TMS People Play

Games TMS People Play is an essential training publication showcasing over 180 games and specialized activities by invited facilitators from around the world. At over 600 pages and with over 55% new content, the resource will be invaluable in keeping your workshops fresh and your learners engaged.

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