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Learning Exchange: New Update

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The latest update to the Learning Exchange Members Area was posted on February 05, 2015 and includes...

New Learning Exchange E-Journal:

Edition 100 has just been released in the Learning Exchange. Each article looks at a different aspect of leadership and provides valuable takeaways.

Feature article contributors are Linda Naiman, Bruna Martinuzzi, Ed Sykes and Dick McCann.

Learning Exchange E-Journal

Linda Naiman starts the edition with a look at transformation and the alchemy of leadership; Bruna Martinuzzi explores adaptability as a crucial skill for leaders and an important competency in emotional intelligence; Ed Sykes details seven leadership secrets for becoming a 'perfect' leader; and Dick McCann brings the 'Peacock Manager' to life in a case study and provides tips and theory to avoid this trap.

New Online Case Studies:

Jen Runkle

The first of our bi-monthly case studies for 2015 is Strategic Business Alignment in China Using the Team Management Profile by Jen Runkle.

In this case study Jen gives us an overview of her work with a multinational manufacturing firm that needed to align its management team in order to drive business transformation. Action, strengths and results using the Team Management Profile are detailed.

New Worldwide Network Member Directory Listings


Our online TMS Worldwide Network Member Directory showcases accredited Team Management Systems network members who have elected to advertise their services and areas of specialization.

New and updated listings posted in February are:

If you are an accredited TMS network member, find out how you can feature your business in the online Directory. Maximize the promotion of your work with this free service.

New Product Feature

Aesop's Management Fables

Our product feature this month is for the e-book Aesop's Management Fables.

These stories, which equate everyday work behavior with endearing (and not so endearing) animal characteristics, accompanied with a case study and sensible solutions, are a valuable resource for all.

Upcoming Worldwide Team Management Systems Training & Events


The training & events calendar for February-April includes a range of options from free discovery webinars and free network member webinars to public accreditation workshops, development and specialist workshops and webinar accreditations.

Select from the list below or view the Updated complete 2015 listing online

Updated View the complete 2015 listing online


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