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Learning Exchange: New Update

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The latest update to the Learning Exchange Members Area was posted on April 01, 2015 and includes...

New Learning Exchange E-Journal:

Edition 101 has just been released in the Learning Exchange. This edition is all about motivation and inspiration. Each article looks at a different aspect of these two concepts and provides valuable takeaways for all.

Feature article contributors are Walter Chen, Ron Prasad, Prasenjit Bhattacharya, Dick McCann and Cath Duncan.

Learning Exchange E-Journal

Walter Chen starts the edition with an in-depth look at what really motivates us to get up for work each day; Ron Prasad gives a simple and clear insight into motivation and inspiration - and the difference between the two; Prasenjit Bhattacharya shows us how to create an inspirational workplace; Dick McCann uses a combination of research and activities to give ways of developing the 'twins of success' - motivation and inspiration - in tomorrow's leaders; and Cath Duncan details 10 types of demotivation and, importantly, how we can recover from each.

New Online Case Studies:

Niam Sinno

The second of our bi-monthly case studies for 2015 is Team Management Systems and Talent Management: A shift in mindset by Niam Sinno.

In this case study Niam looks at talent management and the drivers of staff engagement. She discusses her work combining Deloitte's Develop-Deploy-Connect Model and the Team Management Systems tools.

Worldwide Network Member Directory Listings


Our online TMS Worldwide Network Member Directory showcases accredited Team Management Systems network members who have elected to advertise their services and areas of specialization.

New and updated listings posted in May are:

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Product Feature

Games TMS People Play

Our product feature this month is Games TMS People Play.

This essential training publication showcases over 180 games and specialized activities by invited facilitators from around the world. At over 600 pages and with over 55% new content, the resource will be invaluable in keeping your workshops fresh and your learners engaged.

Upcoming Worldwide Team Management Systems Training & Events


The training & events calendar for May-July includes a range of options from free discovery webinars and free network member webinars to public accreditation workshops, development and specialist workshops and webinar accreditations.

Select from the list below or view the Updated complete 2015 listing online

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