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Learning Exchange: Latest Update

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The latest update to the Learning Exchange Members Area was posted on April 07, 2014 and includes...

New Learning Exchange E-Journal:

Edition 95 has just been released in the Learning Exchange and focuses on leadership.

Feature article contributors are Debora McLaughlin, Dick McCann, JoAnna Brandi and Tim Schneider.

Learning Exchange E-Journal

Debora McLaughlin looks at the leadership paradigm and why it takes a Renegade Leader to lead in the 21st century; Dick McCann explores two little questions that give powerful results and can spur discussion and development for leaders and teams; JoAnna Brandi takes us inside positive psychology and shows how and why it has a direct link with profit and productivity; and Tim Schneider rounds out this edition with a look at relationships, leadership and power in the modern workplace.

New Online Case Studies:

Mariana Portela, Edison Henriques, Roberta Brandi Pfrimer and Adriana Fellipelli

The second of our bi-monthly case studies for 2014 is Self-Awareness is Only the First Step to Building a High-Performance Team by Mariana Portela, Edison Henriques, Roberta Brandi Pfrimer and Adriana Fellipelli.

FELLIPELLI - Instrumentos de Diagnóstico e Desenvolvimento Organizacional was invited by KPMG to work with their leadership group using the Team Management Profile (TMP). This case study gives insight and details on the process and outcome of the project.

New Worldwide Network Member Directory Listings


Our online TMS Worldwide Network Member Directory showcases accredited Team Management Systems network members who have elected to advertise their services and areas of specialization.

New and updated listings posted online in April 2014 are for:

If you are an accredited TMS network member, find out how you can feature your business in the online Directory. Maximize the promotion of your work with this free service.

New Download Center

Download Center

Launched in April, the Team Management Systems Download Center gives access to free sample Profiles, accompanying 'Profile Tours', and Product & Concept Information Sheets for each product in the Team Management Systems (TMS) suite for download. In addition an Information Sheet on Apps is also included to give you an insight into this game-changing initative. The Center is exclusive to and is proud to include downloads in 17 languages. With new downloads and languages planned for the coming months, the Center is sure to become an essential resource.

Product Feature

Team Management Systems Session Designs E-Book Series

The Team Management Systems Session Designs: Team Management Profile provides over 38 'ready-to-run' designs from master and leading accredited network members from around the world. As an essential knowledge-base, the e-book covers the full range of technology and delivery mechanisms available, encompasses the latest industry thinking and seamlessly integrates world-renowned established instruments and theories, both TMS and non-TMS. All of the designs are exclusive to the Series and many are first time publications written specifically for this collection. This resource is a comprehensive and 'ready-to-run' tool no matter what experience level you are starting from.

Upcoming Worldwide Team Management Systems Training & Events


The training & events calendar for April-June includes a range of options from free discovery webinars and free network member webinars to public accreditation workshops, development and specialist workshops and webinar accreditations.

Select from the list below or view the Updated complete 2014 listing online

Updated View the complete 2014 listing online


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