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The Concepts: Workplace Behavior Pyramid

Team leadership requires the mastery of understanding others…. and to do that you must have mastery of yourself – understanding what makes you tick and how that relates to others. To help with this Dr. Dick McCann developed the Workplace Behavior Pyramid which describes the different ways that people like to work based on their Preferences, Approach to Risk and Values.

Workplace Behavior Pyramid

Workplace Behavior Pyramid

At the base of the Pyramid are values. These are fundamental concepts or beliefs that people use to guide their behavior in the workplace. Values will drive our decision-making and cause us to summon up energy to preserve what we believe in. Often, major sources of conflict and disillusionment are due to mismatched values. Values are measured by the Window on Work Values Profile Questionnaire (WoWVPQ).

Workplace Behavior Pyramid - Values

The middle layer of the Workplace Behavior Pyramid addresses the way people approach risk. All through our life we are faced with opportunities and obstacles; they crop up in every project no matter how much forward planning is undertaken. What determines people’s risk profiles is the different emphasis they place on either ‘seeing the opportunities’ or ‘seeing the obstacles’. This is measured by the Opportunities-Obstacles Profile Questionnaire (QO2).

Workplace Behavior Pyramid - Risk

At the apex of the Pyramid are Preferences. Preferences are dimensions of individual differences in tendencies to show consistent patterns of relationships, thoughts, feelings and actions. When we are working to our preferences we set up conditions where our psychic energy can flow freely and that leads to improved wellbeing and productivity. Work preferences are measured by the Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ).

Pyramid of Workplace Behavior - Preferences

Once you understand what your own strengths and weaknesses are in terms of the Workplace Behavior Pyramid you can build a team around you that complements your strengths. In that way you develop a balanced team and that’s the first step towards excellent team leadership.

Guided Video Tour

In this exclusive video Dr. Dick McCann provides an insight into the secrets of team leadership through the mastery of understanding yourself and others. Dr. McCann gives a guided tour of the model he developed to enable self-understanding and mastery - the Workplace Behavior Pyramid. The Pyramid and related Team Management Systems models are critical for building balanced and high-performing teams which is the first step to success. This video highlights anecdotes, practical tips and theory from over 30 years' experience - a must see for all practitioners.

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