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Team Management Systems Applications: Coaching 2.0

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Team Management Systems Applications: Coaching

Author: Dick McCann
Gwent Holdings
ISBN: 978-0-9581313-3-9


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This e-book is the first in a series focusing on applications using the Team Management Systems (TMS) suite of products.

Coaching as an industry is still only a few percent of the learning and development market. However it is growing at a fast rate as organizations discover that training plus coaching can be up to four times more effective than training alone.

The TMS portfolio of instruments currently consists of eight Profiles and associated visual models that form the basis of just about any application covering personal, management, leadership, team and organizational development. In addition there is a library of interactive Apps that make up the Online Activity Center at

In this e-book I shall outline how the Team Management Profile, the Types of Work Profile, the Opportunities-Obstacles (QO2™) Profile, the Window on Work Values Profile, the Organizational Values Profile, and the Linking Skills Profiles form the basis of a coaching framework that gives an excellent structure for coaches to follow. The focus is on individual coaching rather than team coaching and shows how you can use the TMS concepts to improve workplace performance.

In addition to information on how to use the Profiles for coaching I have also provided some research background to each instrument, to help those not yet accredited in TMS tools better understand the concepts.

Coaches need to be accredited by Team Management Systems to use the models and Profiles mentioned in this e-book. A variety of accreditation processes are available internationally. Please visit for further details.

Dick McCann
Brisbane, Australia

Content Listing

  • Preface
  • Copyright
  • Introduction
    • Coaching Competencies
  • The Workplace Behavior Pyramid
    • Values
    • Risk
    • Preferences
  • Coach/Coachee Rapport
  • The TMS Coaching Framework
    • Risk-Orientation
    • Coaching with the QO2™ Profile
    • Values
    • Coaching with the Window on Work Values Profile
  • The TMS Coaching Framework Revisited
    • Leadership Theories
    • The Linking Leader
    • Feedback
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • About the Author
  • About Team Management Systems
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