Team Management Systems

Team Management Systems E-Book Series: Values in the Workplace

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Team Management Systems E-Book Series: Values in the Workplace

Author: Dick McCann
Team Management Systems
ISBN: 0-9580722-3-X


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Ever since developing the Team Management Systems (TMS) concepts with Charles Margerison more than 25 years ago I have been intrigued with the impact that personal values have on behavior in the workplace. Our model of the Team Management Wheel developed the concept of work preferences, which describe what people are like rather than any intentions behind their workplace behavior. Values, however, define what people think are important – the goals or motivations that shape their behavior. Values drive our decision-making and cause us to summon up energy to preserve what we believe in or what we want to defend. Infringements of people's core work values can lead to terminal conflicts in teams. That is why an understanding of these core values is essential to effective teamwork.

This e-book is the second in a series that describes the concepts forming the core of TMS technology and summarizes the results of more than five years spent developing a model of values in the workplace. This model – the Window on Work Values – helps people to identify the drivers of their behavior at work and determine how well these personal values are aligned with those of their organization.

The Window on Work Values Model can be used for the assessment of personal, team and organizational values. It is particularly useful for developing shared team values and for formulating a Team Charter containing key ground rules for the actions and behavior of team members.

Dick McCann

Content Listing

  • Preface
  • Overview
  • Introduction
  • Window on Work Values
  • The Eight Core Value Types
    • Individualism
    • Collectivism
    • Compliance
    • Empowerment
    • Authority
    • Equality
    • Independence
    • Conformity
  • Value Patterns
  • Development of the Model
    • Reliability
    • Structural validity
    • Face validity
  • Organizational Values
  • Individual Values
  • Balancing the Window
  • Team Values
    • Case Study: The Big Cheese's
    • Team Ground Rules
  • Organizational Values Study
    • Gender Analysis
    • Age Group Analysis
    • Organizational Size Analysis
    • Industry Analysis
  • References
  • About the Author
  • About Team Management Systems
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