Team Management Systems

Team Management Systems E-Book Series: Developing Teams

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Team Management Systems E-Book Series: Developing Teams

Author: Dick McCann
Team Management Systems
ISBN: 0-9751203-5-2


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This e-book is the sixth in a series outlining the concepts that form the core of Team Management Systems (TMS) technology. In it I focus on applications of TMS that can have a powerful effect on developing teams.

When deciding where to intervene in a team development process, it is important to start with a Team Needs Analysis. This identifies those areas of teamwork that are most important and where there is least satisfaction. The Strategic Team Development Profile is the process we use to facilitate this.

The next step often uses the Team Management Profile to address the strategic issue of 'Where are we now?' Any imbalances in the team can be quickly identified and plans put in place to prepare the team for the challenges of the future. I discuss some of the more common processes we often use to achieve team balance.

The Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (the QO2™ Profile), can also be used to develop a team to be more balanced in its approach to risk and I discuss how this is often done.

Values, too, are important in team development and mismatched personal values can be the source of much conflict. Our Window on Work Values process helps a team to resolve these problems.

Auditing team performance is also important in giving a team the answer to the question, 'How effective are we?' I discuss how the Team Performance Profile can be used for this purpose.

This e-book draws on the other six books in this series, to which you should refer if you want to delve more into the underlying concepts.

Dick McCann

Content Listing

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Team Management Profile
    • Balancing Role Preferences
    • Stretching Team Members' Capabilities
    • Recruiting
    • Part-time Team Member
    • External Linking to Other Teams
    • Rotating Part-Time Team Role
  • The Team Performance Profile
  • The Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2™)
  • The Window on Work Values
    • Team Purpose
    • Team Values
    • Team Ground Rules
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • About the Author
  • About Team Management Systems
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